10 Tips to Consider When Choosing Your Therapist!

TherapistThe Complementary therapy arena is moving towards saturation point and finding a therapist can seem a little like looking for a needle in a haystack when you consider the thousands of people offering a myriad of different treatments. So once you have found your “chosen one” what other points could it be worth you considering alongside the relevant qualifications and insurance?

1. Is your therapists diary more hectic than yours? Chances are you are looking for a relaxing treatment because your lifestyle is pretty hectic and finally, you have found someone you like the sound of who offers the treatments you want. You give them a call but the phone is always to answerphone. You leave a message but you hear nothing for a week. When you do finally get hold of them its a further two or three weeks until they can see you and then only at a specified date and time. Ask yourself, how available is this person? Does their schedule seem to reflect a work/life balance that will enhance my treatments?

2. Is your therapist ready for you? Does your therapist greet you at the door, a vision of peace and relaxation? Is the treatment room set up with relaxing music, candles and towels at the ready? Or are you driving up at the same time as your therapist? Perhaps now and again events crop up that may mean they are a little disorganised but if you regularly find you are starting your treatment alone it maybe time to choose again.

3. Does your therapist talk more than you do? Your treatment session is “you” time. Time when you can set aside everything else in your life and everyone else and that includes your therapist! Beyond the perfunctory “Hi, how are you?” You should be the one doing the talking or offloading and then eventually relaxing not talking. This is not an opportunity for your therapist to share the latest relationship issues in their life or what they may be up to on the weekend. Ask yourself are you getting the quiet “you” time you deserve.

4. Is your therapist more exhausted than you at the end of your session? If the answer is yes, then change your therapist. You are paying your therapist for quality service and that means a quality treatment. You will not be receiving a quality service if your therapist is hungover, ill, rundown or tired. Persistent illness is indicative of an unbalanced work/life balance and the only person who will suffer is you!

5. Does your therapist frequently cancel or “re-work” your appointments? Continuity is vital when it comes to having treatments, particularly in the beginning. The benefits of a good massage session can be undone in two to three stressful weeks so cancellations and moving appointments only benefits your therapist and probably means they are shoe-horning a couple of extra clients in somewhere. Psychologically and physically, your mind and body begins preparing for your treatment from the moment you make that appointment. The least your therapist can do is honour that appointment.

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